Printing Services

Printing Services provides a means whereby departments of UVU can have their printing needs fulfilled. The central facility is located in the Gunther Technologies Building. Copying facilities are also located in the Student Center, SC 101g, and Visual Arts Lab is located in the library.

Printing Services operates a full-service offset print shop located on the fifth floor of the Gunther Technologies building. This facility is responsible for satisfying most of the school’s offset printing needs including full-color magazines, posters, brochures, programs, and flyers. The offset print shop also prints business forms, letterhead, business cards, envelopes, tickets, postcards, announcements, and other related materials. Graphic design services are also available at Printing Service’s general office located in GT-533.

UVU Printing Services

* Office GT-533

* Telephone (801)863-6414

Copy Center - Student Center

* SC 101g

* Telephone (801)863-8355

Copy Center - Gunther Technologies

* Gunther Technologies, GT 516d

* Telephone (801)863-7093

Visual Arts Lab

* Library, LI 209

* Telephone (801)863-6853